Our Story
We bring to you the unforgetable moment with our delicious dishes

Our Story

When we talk about basic needs, food always comes first. Nutrition and taste are both vitally essential for human beings to enjoy food. Food good that comes from a clean environment is a basic necessity in Nepal in the present context. When you combine these three factors – taste, nutrition and health, Japanese food is one of the most loved and popular foods across the globe that masters in all these three areas. Ramen is a Japanese delicacy which is slowly growing popular in some cities of Nepal in the form of packaged food. With the goal of introducing ramen as a restaurant dish, Hokkaido Ramen House was started in Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha.

Through Hokkaido Ramen House, we aim to promote the production, distribution and consumption of Japanese food through Japanese style cooking. We have the goal to uplift and grow the business of Japanese food through ramen noodles, which on the long run will strengthen the friendship between Nepal and Japan through cultural exchange and the development in the business partnership. We expect our small step to later contribute to tourism development of the country. After all, there are no better friendships than the ones that started from food, isn’t it?

Hokkaido Ramen House works in assistance with a multinational company called HMBG Pvt. Ltd. It was established in collaboration of Mr. Arjun Adhikari, who went to Japan 20 years ago, and other Japanese businessmen  who run their business in Hokkaido City of Japan. The main goal of this group is to act as a connecting bridge between the diverse culture of Nepal and Japan.


  1. To promote the promotion, distribution and consumption of Japanese food, especially ramen, in Nepal.
  2. To provide a home-like feeling to those tourists who come to visit Nepal from Japan.
  3. To strengthen the relationship between Nepal and Japan through exchange and acceptance of these two different cultures.
  4. To develop the culture of consuming healthy, nutritious, delicious and convenient Japanese food, like ramen, in Nepal.
  5. To promote and invest in further growth of the movement of tourism development in Nepal by acknowledging and benefiting from the contributions of Japan .


  1. To extend the Japanese food chain in Nepal by establishing Hokkaido Ramen House as a chain business and decentralizing its outlets and franchise to all the main cities of Nepal.
  2. To provide a sense of ownership of the business to the Nepalese youths that are going abroad and to those who are unemployed but want to do something within the country itself by investing in the outlets and franchises of Hokkaido Ramen House.
  3. To start a training and guidance academy under the company, and assisting the skilled and deserving youths to go to Japan for employment.
  4. To contribute positively to the national economy through international hotels and multinational companies.